Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Starting at the Entry

Now that I am back online and thinking about what to do around the house, I got a little overwhelmed. There are so many things I want to do, where do I start? I walked in tonight and noticed my entry...wow! This is where I start...
Shoes, lunch bags, jackets, mail and shopping bags from this weekend!
It is not a huge area and it is my daughter's drop-off point have she comes home from school. She is very good about taking off her shoes but then they are thrown all over the entry. As you can see below, the baskets on the book case are filed with our winter gear. Now that it is quickly warming up into Spring, we do not need all of that gear out in the open. Time to store them until next Winter and organize this area to better meet our needs right now. So, I started out by emptying the entire area.
I decided that we needed a place for to put shoes as we walk in the door but easy enough for us to grab later and put away. I found a new spot for a few of the "now-empty-baskets" and now have even more room for little odds and ends that need a home until them are put away in the empty basket on the shelf. I also put our stack of Bibles for easy-access for Sunday mornings.

There is not a ton of room for shoes but it is working so far. I usually come in and place my shoes in my closet. It's my daughter's shoes that need a little space.

I re-hung my purse on the coat closet door and am ready to takle another area. It feels good walking into a clean and organized entry...now I just need to make the rest of my place look as good!

**I will share some pictures of what my living room looks like while in the process of organizing the entry. Goes to show how much I need to catch up on de-cluttering my place...


  1. Great job! One thing at a time, I am sure it feel good to have a nice starting point.

  2. Hi Amy! Like you I also have an entry that is limited on space and I have NO closet so I had to re-invent my foyer with some IKEA cubbies and some bathroom cabinets that hang on the wall...but that's another post that you can find on my blog ;) I did a 21-day purge last fall and got rid a lot of my fall/winter shoes so this go around I purged my bags...oh boy! Found some great, affordable shoe organizers at IKEA and it was a lot of work...but so worth it. Good luck in the giveaway and have a great day. Fondly, Roberta