Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Lovely Little Mirror

As you know, I got a bunch of fun, free stuff from my Aunt when we visited earlier this summer. Notice the mirror on the right side of the table.

I love the shape but not the color.

So, I taped over the mirror and spray painted it a bright, shiny yellow!
(Morning humidity = weird lighting)

I let it sit for a little while but then realized that it would take a year to dry in this humidity so I took it in to dry. This picture below was taking later in the evening and it was still a little tacky.

After all the waiting time letting it dry, I realized that it was missing the hanger on the back so I need to pick up a little hardware but otherwise....I think I want that beautiful punch of color on this gallery wall in my bedroom. It definitely needs to be expanded a bit.

The photographs on that wall are all a bit artsy... A picture of fireworks over Nashville, a closeup of a flower (both torn from a book bought at a discount book store), a map of Manhattan, and a photograph that I took of New York off the top of the Empire State Building. (Need to get a close up of those pictures to share!)

Next a yellow mirror and a few more things...

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