Friday, June 17, 2011

House Crashing

We just spent a 5 day weekend in my hometown in IL visiting family. While there, we spent a lot of time at my Aunt Mona and Uncle Gregg's house. They had a big house to start with but recently added a larger family room and an enormous "party room" for when my mom's immediate family of 36 get together. So, I took this opportunity to snap a few shots and share.

Don't you just love their new entry way? And that blue front door!!!

This new family room was once their garage. They covered the ceiling with wood planks and beams and have a ton of built-in bookshelves. All of the new floors in the addition are stained concrete for easy cleaning and it looks great!

The large closet to the right, below, is cedar-lined.

Through the doorway, above, is the "Party Room".

The pictures do not do it justice...this room is HUGE!!! Off to the right, above, is an upper balcony to the pool! Concrete floors help with wet feet and just past the door to the deck is this full bath to clean up from a day of swimming. I did not get a shot of the shower because they still need to get the tile done...but it will be beautiful.

This is the side door next to the new family room. She lined both walls with these beautiful hooks...keep an eye out...snagged 5 of her left-overs!!

The open door in the background is the side door hallway that leads to the kitchen.

Love the pot-filler and cooper range hood.

This was the original family room that they have now turned into the dining room.

My aunt painted some of the original cabinets and wood-panel frig to blend with the new kitchen.

Off the kitchen is the living room at the front of the house.

The railing is stairs leads to the basement...just as big and beautiful as the
main floor but that will have to be a whole other post!
And did you see that big, beautiful, yellow piece in the corner? Probably one of my favorite things ever!!

Here is a shot from the party room balcony. Don't mind the swimmers!! We took advantage while we were there.

(Daughter in action!)

Thanks Aunt Mona and Uncle Gregg!
Makes me want to come home and blow out a few walls...

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  1. Such a beautiful home and pool! Where do your aunt and uncle live? Hope you had a great trip :)