Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Big Summer Clean Out

After a few weeks of my daughter playing in her room, packing and unpacking from traveling, and staying busy enough to let her room get away from us, this is what we were left with!

Things were literally falling out of her closet. And she had a ton of little containers filled with "stuff".

I had picked up a few small tubs from Target a while back but, as you can see, we really put them to good use...this one was a house for her pet rocks.

Another container held things like Littlest Pet Show critters and beads/ accessories.

Of course, we can't get rid of anything (sigh) but she did put her Pearler Bead creations in baggies to keep them organized.

My daughter does like to organize. She had started to organize her beads by color using some old organizing tubs from my classroom. So, we sorted the remaining beads in the metal tub.

The beads are colorful enough to display so that's what we did... you will see these again in a second!
She did decide that it was time to "hand-down" her Littlest Pet Shop critters to my niece.

Then came the Silly Bandz...heaven help me...she has these things laying around all over the house! We shoved those suckers into a baggie and will add to it each time we come across more!

(We are actually using those tubs from Target!)

Her shelves above her bed also needed some organizing.

First we emptied most of the items...the things felt on top were empty and we know they were going back there.

The shelves still have of a lot on them but everything has a place...notice the tubs and beads!

We still need to go through the items on the top shelf of her closet but everything off the floor is put away and the shoves are organized.

Now, on to the desk area...

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