Thursday, June 30, 2011

Framed Initials

A few weeks back, we visited family in IL. While there, we spent time at my aunt and uncles house. My aunt had a whole room full of items that she wanted to get rid of...and she let me go through it first. Here are some of the items that I snagged, for free!!

Notice the cream picture frame in the background. I knew I wanted to do my daughter's initials but the cream color was just not cutting it for me! So I grabbed some leftover black paint from the front door project and went at it.

It wasn't as easy as a paint brush and paint...way too intricate. So I used my daughter's water color, teeny, tiny paint brush and got in to all of those nooks and crannies.

I then cut out a piece of scrap book paper with a fun, colorful design to fit the frame...and printed her initials using a typewriter font.

I love how the initials match the frame.

Now it has a new home on her shelves.

Frame: free from my aunt
Paint: free (left over from previous project)
Craft Paper: free (already had)
Letter Initials: free (print from the computer)

Total spent for this project: $0!!


  1. Hi Amy. I found your blog through Just a Girl - I love the picture frame initial idea. So cute. Anyway, I'm going to follow and come back when I have more time. Nice to 'meet' you.