Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I have an amazing love in my 11 year old daughter! So, to celebrate Valentine's Day, we decorated our dining table for our annual V-Day breakfast. Here is a quick 'before' shot.

And the 'after'...

I picked up the red-heart clothe napkins, Valentine platter and red, plastic bowls in Target's dollar bins!! The rest are things I found around the house...I just stuck with the read and white theme.



I got sick!!

And I haven't gone to the store to get our "Annual V-Day Breakfast" items.

However, I have the greatest kid ever and she said we could just do it another time and pretend it was Valentine's Day. {Doesn't that just make you tear up!!}

So, here is a glimpse into last years V-Day Breakfast...

Her favorite...BAGELS!! {with strawberry jam, strawberries cut into hearts, grapes and cranberry juice}

To make it up to her...we will head to Brugger Bagels for an early V-day Breakfast in the morning...figured we would stick with her favorite...Bagels!

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