Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My First Reader Questions!

This week, I have had a few people ask me questions about some of my blog posts. So, I figured the easiest way would be to let everyone in on the answers. goes!

Question #1: You are always moving things and organizing things. Where do you put all the "extras" that you aren't using at the moment?

Answer: I use 2 of the 4 shelves in my hall linen closet as my "accessories storage". Anything that I am not using at the time, but do not want to get rid of, goes on these shelves. I have chargers, clothe napkins, seasonal items, an extra lamp, vases, and most recently added the 6-pack of soda bottles. We used the Orange Soda bottles at my daughter's birthday party and I thought they would be cool to use this summer as vases on my deck.

Now, if the items are too big or are floral items, they go into a tub in my storage unit on my deck.

Question #2: Where did you get those sheets for your Home Management Binder?

Answer: I made them on a Microsoft Word document.

Being a teacher, I have a ton of extra fonts that I have down-loaded to my computer. I used one of those fonts to make these sheets. I will make make more sheets that have a universal font (they will open better when attached to an email!) that I can send to those who are interested. They will look the exact same accept that the font will be different. Just send me your email and I will be more than happy to share!

I am excited to share ideas and am glad you asked your questions...keep 'em comin'!


  1. I would love it if you would send me a copy of your binder pages. I`m getting my home binder organized. Thanks for sharing!

    lynnriddell09 at

    (for some reason my `at` symbol isn`t working)

  2. I would love them
    THanks so much for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Amy,
    I'm Retno from Indonesia. I love your blog!

    I would like to have your binder sheet. Please send to punyade2 at

    thanks for sharing

  4. if you still have time to send those sheets....i would loveeee them.