Saturday, February 12, 2011

Switcheroo: Part 2

Like I told you yesterday, I would be on the lookout for more options to hold my kitchen utensils. While at Target tonight, I found a plethora of them...

This is a large candle holder. I love the mix of glass and metal and it came in 3 different sizes.

This one was an actual utensil holder. It was very heavy and had a wonderful scrolly look.

One of my favorite designers, Michael Graves, has a sleek, modern utensil holder with a curvy, removable divider inside. It also has a hole in the back so it can be hung on a wall...very cool! (It is tall than it appears in the picture. I was trying to show more of the inside compartments.)

I also found a wine cooler that could be used as a utensil holder. I like the shiny metal and side handles.

This picture doesn't do it justice. This holder is a melamine white with red inside. It also came in black, yellow and blue.

Here is another version of how a candle holder could be used. I like how this one has a raised pedestal base.

And last but not favorite! (Another candle holder) I love the shiny metal look with the cut-out polka dot design. And if you ever tire of it being in the kitchen, this beauty could go anywhere else in your home! Even outside on a patio table with a candle for some cool lighting!

I controlled all impulses and did not buy any of them. It was hard but I will live with my vase for a little longer!

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