Monday, February 7, 2011

To-Do List: Part 3

I have painted the kitchen twice already since I bought the place more than 7 years ago. And what is on my To-Do List? PAINT THE KITCHEN!! It started out with your typical dated wood cabinets and white walls. I first painted the walls and cabinets what I thought was a khaki color, but it turned out to look very peachy in the kitchen light. So, I tried again with a different tan color and this is what it is today...

The reason I was going for a tan color was to make the dated, tan-colored appliances somewhat match. The top cabinets have black chalk board paint for a little something different...thought it was too much tan. I bought new appliances this past year, and now the cabinets are looking a little tired. I am thinking a black, gray and white color scheme. I want to paint the cabinets white and the walls a light, creamy gray. Of course...thought could change tomorrow, depending on how I feel! But just look at these kitchens... here and here and here!

I tiled the back splash...all by myself!! There is a lot of gray in the tiles so it would look great with the gray walls.

I also need a new counter top. Something a little darker but have no idea in what direction I want to go yet.

So, the kitchen To-Do List is long and will need some time to save of for the counter tops and all new hardware. But I am excited for a new look!

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