Monday, January 31, 2011

Home Management Binder

Once again, I have been busy organizing in 2011. Today I started my new Home Management Binder. This binder will keep everything together in one handy, portable place!

Here's what I did:

I had on a few tabbed folders so I grabbed 7 of them for each section.

I chose what each section needed to be and made up some sheets for each one.

Then I put it all together in my binder.

I also stuck in a pencil pocket for extra storage. It holds pencils, pens, white out, stamps, and return address labels.

I have 7 sections: 1- Cleaning schedule, 2- Daily routine, 3- Monthly menu, 4- Finances, 5- To-Do list, 6- Calendar, and 7- Ideas.

Here are some close-ups of the sheets I made. I have not filled them out yet...I will work on that throughout the week.

It is still a work-in-progress but I feel pretty good so far.
To be continued...

1 comment:

  1. great to see your posting..
    i'm a newly mom, indonesian but living in saudi arabia,
    now i learn how to organize all moms duties..
    so..nice, and feel happy to find this blog..