Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Challenge #9--Organizing your Toys

Well...we had another Snow Day today and will have one again tomorrow! At this rate, I will be begging to go back to school! Speaking of school...today's challenge is to organize the toys. My daughter is 11 now and "is too old for toys"....Yea Right! But...you should see my classroom...but wait...we don't have school! So, be patient and check back in...I will take LOTS of pics of how I have organized all of the little 'things' in my classroom!

Anyway, I did take some pictures of how we organized the toys at my parents house. They have 7 grandkids ranging from 5 to 12 years old. My dad built 2 sets of bunk beds (I should have taken pictures of those...another post!) to help sleep the kids. This room is now called the 'Bunk Bed Room' and the following picture shows the tubs under the bottom bunk.

Not a great picture but you get the point. There is a tub for play dishes and food, a tub for Lego's and a tub for small cars and building blocks.

This picture shows the large tub/ tray of Play-Dough under the other bunk. We decided to use the plastic drawers as a night stand as well as storage....they are plastic and can't be destroyed by 7 kids! The top drawer holds the larger pieces of Lego's, the middle holds the Barbie's and the bottom has more play dishes, pots and pans.

Tonight's extra little tip...Table Cloth Rod

I cooked dinner tonight for my parents at there house (no school today...I needed to be productive!) and while in their pantry, I snapped a few pictures of the table cloth rod that my dad put in for my mom. She collects table clothes and runners and needed somewhere to store them.

He simply bought a large rod and a "shower curtain rod holder" (yea, I made that made up). The other end of the rod is laying on the shelf.

AND...check out the organized pantry! Way to go, mom!!

On a side note...with all this time on my hands due to no school, I made an up-dated To-Do list that I hope to accomplish this year at home. I will share that tomorrow with all the 'before" pictures!

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