Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Organizing the Medicine & To-Do List: part 2

Today's Bowl Full of Lemons Challenge was to organize our medicine. I have kept my medicine in a kitchen cabinet since my daughter was born and it has been there ever since. With it being in the kitchen, medicine is not the only thing in this cabinet.

Like I said...it has a little of this and a little of that! So, I emptied it and started looking over all the expiration dates.

I was happy to see that the the only expired medicine was the cough drops! However, the Crystal Light Pink Lemonade expired in 2008!!

I wiped it down good and got to reorganizing. It still amazes me every day how much extra room I have in my house due to all of this organizing! Go figure!!

Now, for Part 2 from the To-Do List of 2011: some kind of mantle over the fireplace.

I will probably have to move my sparkly mirror (maybe to about the couch on the opposite wall) to make room but I have been longing to have a display area!!

Any ideas???

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