Monday, January 24, 2011

Day #20 of Challenge--Organized Pictures

I love pictures but am not a scrap-booker. I don't have enough time or money to even get started with all of that. So, I have 3 ways that I store my pictures: albums, photo boxes and CD's.

As you know, I keep bills, important papers, and my budget in the polka dot and green boxes. But I have 2 more boxes. The brown and tan boxes hold pictures.

In the tan box, I have all my loose pictures lined up in chronological order.

The flat, brown box holds school pictures, class pictures, program pictures, etc, and any other large photos. There is also a big stack of CD's full of pictures.

I also use photo albums. I try my best to have 1 album per year and stick in a few shoots throughout each month. This album is from my daughter's Pre-K school year and the pictures were from December...she is celebrating her birthday and Christmas party at school and she visits Santa. These albums are stored throughout the house...depending on what the album looks like. These have to coordinate, you know!

Boy, only 1 more day of the 21-Day Challenge! We DID It!!!


  1. Your pictures are all so neat and tidy--good work;-)

  2. I've just had a quick peek at your work on the challenge's you've done really well!