Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day #3 of Challenge...and a Quick Tip

First I would like to give a "Shout Out" to all my girlfriends who have been inspired to get organized... You know who are you!! Keep up the good work!

Today's challenge was to organize our Tupperware. Thankfully, I organized my Tupperware cabinet over the Christmas break. I don't have too much, so it didn't take long!

You can't really see all of it in that dark, bottom corner.

I also cleaned out my kitchen drawers... pretty!

But I didn't want to get off that easy, so I did a mini... and I mean MINI... make-over at the front door. This was the original rug...all old and worn out. I should have taken a close-up shoot... pretty yucky!

Tah-dah... my MINI make-over! I simply changed out the rug. This was one of my Christmas presents from my Grandmother. And the cost of my make-over was a big fat $0.00... my kind of make-over!! Just a tad better...don't you think.

And now for the Quick Little Tip.

Try hanging a cute key holder next to the front door. You can find these types of key holders everywhere and for pretty cheap! I hang my keys on mine every time I walk in the door. Now more looking for my keys...EVER!

**Extra Little Tip... we always put our things to take with us each morning by the front door. It saves time in those busy mornings and we don't forget anything!


  1. Love the rug! Do you have any idea where you grandmother got it?

  2. Thanks EJ! She got it at Hobby Lobby.