Friday, January 7, 2011

Day #5 of Challenge--Dresser Drawers

My alarm went off this morning at 5:10 AM. I laid in bed and thought about how I could get up without actually moving... let alone jump start an organizing challenge. This first week back in my Kindergarten classroom has worn me out! But I pulled through the struggle and hopped in the shower. Then, I check today's challenge...the dresser drawers. SCORE! I don't have a dresser in my bedroom. Being single, I get all of the space in my double closets. One closet is for hangups...boring! But the other side has floor to ceiling shelves and I use that as my dresser to save floor space...AND IT IS ALREADY ORGANIZED!

If you can see, I started painting the inside of the closet light blue to match the linen closet over the summer but then I had to get ready to go back to school so I only finished the top shelf. It is on my To-Do List (of course, it is now January and it is still on the To-Do List!!) This picture doesn't do it justice (too dark) but the top shelf is blankets and a tub of Keepsakes of my daughter's. The next shelf has T-shirts, pj's and a stack of sweat shirts. The third shelf has long-sleeved winter clothes, jeans and pants, and sweaters.The last shelf and floor has extra desk supplies, owner's manuals, envelopes and shoes...spilled over from the other closet...which I didn't think to take a picture of...another day, another post.

I know, you're thinking, "Where does she keep her under garments?" (Yes...Too Much Info) I do have a SMALL bachelor's chest that has my TV on it. It holds my socks and underwear... don't need that kind of stuff just laying out on an open shelf for all to see!

Speaking of, that small chest is a D-I-Y waiting to happen!!! It is a blond wood that has seen better days. Stay Tuned!!!

Alright, back on topic. I did go ahead and re-organize the shelves that go with my "mini office". My desk, as you know, has already been organized this week so I had to finish the rest.

The shelves weren't too bad but I had a pile on the floor that needed some attention.

So, I took everything off, wiped them down and cleaned up the floor. And, yes, the green frames are still empty from when I purchased them. (To-Do List)

It took a whole 8-ish minutes or so. AND NOTICE THE STILL ORGANIZED DESK FROM MONDAY!!! (and I have worked at that desk every night this week!)

TGIF ya'll!

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  1. It all looks great! Keep up the good feels so good to get organized doesn't it??

    I need to catch up on the challenge this weekend.