Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day #16--Clean Out Fridge!

Today's challenge was to clean out and organize the refrigerator. I saw this challenge in the morning and then went to work...dreading the task!! We have now gotten home from school, had dinner, started homework and I opened the door...

See, I told you...I was dreading this!! Yes, the lighting is bad and makes it look darker than it really is, but it still looked like a black-hole to me! But I had to keep going...Day #16 already, with only 5 days left. I couldn't give up now!

I did not take everything out at one time...I worked on one shelf at a time (in between running back and forth to help with homework). So, here is the first shelf.

I cleared each shelf, wiped it down good and organized.

'The After'. As you can tell, we need to go to the store but we always use up all the food before we buy more. So it can get pretty empty but it a great way to save money...NO WASTE!

There is just enough left to have sandwiches, grapes and drinks as part of our lunches. Yea...I teach school and my daughter goes to school and we pack our lunch every day. Nothing against the 'school lunches' but I like to have more control of what we eat.

Speaking of using ALL the food before we buy more...

My daughter always gets tired of the same cereal everyday so we made a schedule of breakfast possibilities.

She can eat any of these choices, any day, but so far she has stuck to the schedule (love that girl) and look at what happened to all that cereal that she gets tired of...

It is now on the grocery list.

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