Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Project

My parents have talked a lot lately about doing something to their stairway to avoid further finger prints going up and down the stairs. I showed them the stairway that Sandra did over at Sawdust and Paper Scraps and they were on board. So, Dad and I got busy Saturday afternoon!!

My dad started by removing the existing trim modeling.

We then put on the new bottom board and found the angle for the top board.

This was our first time using Liquid Nails, but I highly recommend it! We did nail each board but the Liquid Nails sure helped make it strong!

At this point, it was late enough to call it quits.

Sunday afternoon, we got busy with Day #2! In the next picture, you can see that we boxed in the wall with boards and put up the middle board.

We then added the final 2 boards and filled in the nail holes.

Then came time to caulk . This was my first time to caulk and I really got in to it. When I was finished with the stairway, I went walking around the house, looking for other things that I could caulk.

After caulking...we called it a night! Monday morning ( off again from school for MLK Day ) we sanded and painted the first coat.

I could never get a good angle and this 'after' picture could be way better...but this shows the end of the first coat. Don't mind my "bags-as-drop-clothes" on the stairs! I will put a second, and maybe third, coat on next weekend.

Before and After

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  1. Hi, Amy!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog, I am really tickled with that big cabinet too!

    I love your blog...I'm going to borrow your wainscoting project idea, I would love that all through my entire house!!

    Have a great Tuesday!