Monday, January 3, 2011

The Desk(s)!!!

I need to organize my desk(s)!! That's right...DESKS!!

You see, I have a desk at home. Small, cute and messy! No big deal.
But I am a Kindergarten teacher and have a BIG desk at school... and it is COVERED!!


OK... I can do this!

I started out this morning at home.

Here is the "before" shoot.

I have piles on top, under and next to the desk.
This past week, I have cleaned the rest of my house and this was the dumping ground for all the "overflow".

This is a shot of everything OFF of the desk. There was still plenty on the floor.

This is the "almost" empty desk.
Just left with the computer and lamp.

And the "after"!!

Much better...just a vase of pens/ pencils, sticky notes
and a journal to scratch down ideas. Everything that was on the floor was either school stuff that I took back today or things to be recycled/ shredded.

Now, on to the big guy! (sigh)...

See what I mean! Five months of 'stuff' piling up! I am ashamed to admit that this is how I left it during Christmas break!!!

But never fear... it is clear!

(The desk top shows years of use to be my Dad's desk when he was a teacher/ Principal!!)

And this is everything from the top of my desk!

It didn't take me long to arrange the top of the desk. But it did take about 2 hours of going through everything left over on the floor.


It was very overwhelming at first and a lot of work but it is going to feel sooo good coming in tomorrow morning before the kids arrive and be greeted by this...

I could just sit and stare at it... what a sight to behold!

Now, bring on the kiddos!


  1. great job!, and what a great role model for those kiddos!

  2. WOW! They both look great! I love the little one...SO cute. Way to go on conquering the BEAST! Great job!

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  3. It looks amazing! You probably started off the day with a smile once you saw your desk!

  4. Whooo hooo! Great work! Thats perfect.

  5. Fabulous work on the desks. I am a teacher (taking a SAH break at the moment). My desk at school was often covered... such a challenge to keep up with BUT yours looks fabulous. Enjoy!

  6. WOW! I know what it's like to have a desk with a lot of stuff. I am an elementary art teacher and post a ton about organizing my stuff at school, including my desk drawer, here! Great work and happy teaching and organizing!

    Jessica Balsley