Thursday, January 13, 2011

Freezer Day...and my baby girl organizes!

Today's challenge (Day #11 people...can you believe it!) was to clean out our freezers. So, as usually, here is the before picture:

I had 3 boxes of old, half-empty, freezer-burnt ice-pops of my daughters. I spent 20 minutes running those things under hot water to get rid of them. AND, no...I do not have an ice-maker...not yet. When I bought the new fridge a few months ago, I guess I assumed it can with it. When they delivered it without one, I was sooo ticked! I NEED my ice-maker! Well, a handful of months later and I am still living without one...and I am still alive! (Just another item on the To-Do List!)

Anyway...Then I emptied the freezer.

The freezer wasn't so much dirty as it was coated in a thin layer of ice from the ice trays. I used hot water to loosen the ice and then scrubbed!!

After shot

I am loving all of this organization around here! It makes me happy just to open closet doors and even freezers!! It is even rubbing off on my daughter!

Baby girl has watched me take pictures and organize things for the past 2 weeks and today, she came up to me and said "Mom, do you have any more small baskets for me to use in my desk?" I asked her why. "So, I can organize it like your desk. (long pause) You can put it on your blog if you want"....melt my heart!!!

So, here is her desk:

It's covered with Justin Bieber pictures and silly bands and the drawers are full of workbooks and papers from my classroom that she uses to 'play school'. (love the paint sample in the mother, like daughter) It was a mess but she got to work...

Makes a momma proud!!

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