Friday, January 14, 2011

DIY-ed Mirror

A few years ago, my dad saw a large, framed mirror on the side of the road that was tossed out with the garbage. Being the man who doesn't through things away...he grabbed it and put it in his garage. I took one look at it and saw a fabulous mirror make-over! It was painted a matted orange-red color. At the time, I did not take a 'before' picture...but man, I should have!! But here is the after...

First, I covered the red with 2 coats of primer that I found in my dad's garage. I already had Elmer's glue and good ol' Martha Stewart's silver glitter in my classroom. I painted the glue on in small areas and sprinkled the glitter over the glue. I did this out on my deck and had a vinyl table clothe under the mirror so that I could reuse the glitter that didn't stick. THAT'S IT!!

And I didn't spend a dime!! I love how glitzy and girly it looks. It has become a focal point in my living room. Thank Goodness for trashed mirrors on the side of the road!!